03 - 05 July, 2018
Le Meridien Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany


9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop A | Simulation and testing methods for heavy duty vehicles efficiency optimization

In this workshop, you will learn how to manage the current demand of vehicle development, focusing on testing and validation of hybrid/electric models using different operational conditions, in order to reduce the number of prototype versions of hybrid/ electric architectures and tests, and additionally, reducing costs.
• Building complete and realistic test scenarios and operational conditions
• Reducing costs by using custom-made simulation software solutions to meet specific requirements
• How to identify critical parts for virtual prototyping
• Enhanced possible application
• Using a great detail variety and interfaces with other applications
• Integration of engine cooling systems, air pressure systems and climate control

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Workshop B | Charging Infrastructure for heavy duty vehicles

Nicolas Dubois, Development Engineer Alternative Drive Concepts,Daimler Trucks, Germany
This workshop is addressing the latest challenges and developments in advanced charging technologies, ranging from the legal implications for E-mobility charging stations, having an urban to rural unified network, to the OEM specific requirements for meeting customer expectations.

• How can heavy duty vehicle be part of the supercharging infrastructure for improved range?
• How to efficiently handle system requirements and keeping costs low for moving to higher voltage charging solutions
• Evaluating and discussing latest test results for planning future strategies that will affect adaptation of commercial EVs

Nicolas Dubois

Development Engineer Alternative Drive Concepts
Daimler Trucks, Germany

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Workshop C | Advanced battery technology for commercial vehicles

Dr. Andrew Burke, Research Engineer,Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, United States
This workshop will focus on the specific challenges of manufacturing battery packs for electric and hybrid commercial vehicles, from meeting the most stringent standards set by the automotive industry to fast and efficient charging. It will also include key information in how innovative solutions have been able to lower operational costs and keep maintenance virtually to the minimum.

• What´s new? Understanding innovative battery concepts for commercial vehicles
• How to meet industry standards and not to die in the attempt
• Learning how to enhance battery cycles and operation
• Heavy duty charging: specific challenges to overcome and solutions
• Learning how to enhance battery cycles and operation
• Innovation is money saving: how to keep maintenance and operational costs close to zero
• Been there, done that: lessons learned and visions for future developments


Dr. Andrew Burke

Research Engineer
Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, United States